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About us


Hutanwatch is an open data website that promotes forest transparency in Malaysia.


The platform combines user contributed information, open source datasets and tools to investigate forest loss and the degazettement of forest reserves. We will verify, standardize, aggregate and curate contributed data, before making it available publicly.



Contributors can submit files directly here or get in touch with us at here.


Who are our contributors? Everyone.

Submit maps, observations, news, datasets, files, articles and opinions, any information can help make forest stewardship more transparent. Hutanwatch will compile, analyse and curate these contributions.


Maps and articles


Interactive maps are built using contributed data from various sources and published in Hutanwatch free to be used and shared by anyone. Maps are created using Global Forest Watch Map Builder.


Data, maps, news and articles are analysed and contributed by the Hutanwatch network of contributors.


Learn more about GFW here



Hutanwatch relies on donations to stay independent, non-partisan, and provide high quality content.

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